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Hello. I'm Kenny Keller. The creator of Helicopter Online Ground School and author of the Amazon bestseller Helicopter Check Ride. Welcome to the introduction page for Helicopter Online Ground School. We've been at it since March 1, 2012. We've had member success all over the world. We're gaining more momentum all the time. We're always adding training, reorganizing training through our customer feedback, and making a really cool site that we're very, very proud of.


If you're struggling from this big pile of books, and apps, and all these things that you have, and you're trying to study for your check ride, and get through your ground school, regardless of whether you have an instructor who is spending time with you and working with you, or you have an instructor who just says, "Here's the book. Read it." Web members from all across the board. We have people that are even in good ground school programs but join our membership because they just want something added. Something extra that they can use at home, eating cereal in their pajamas. They can log in anytime from any device. I'm just playing today with a laptop, but basically, our site comes out on the iPad, and iPhones, smart devices, pretty much all the same. The new site that we have, that's fully mobile optimized, we went live with this just this past Christmas, and it has student progress tracking, and works across multiple devices.


We've had virtually no problem with anybody being able to long in, get to the videos they want to see, and use the site. Next, I want to point out to you, right here on our homepage, where it says store, this is where you can view our different membership levels that we have available now. Then my library is where members login to see the products that they have that are part of their membership.


There are two questions I want to get to right off the bat. Number one, our training is lifetime membership. People are asking a lot, "Well how long is the training good for?" As of right now, it is a lifetime membership. Then of course we have a lot of people asking, "Well is what's in the commercial, is that what's in the private?" To clarify that for you, we have a private pilot membership, which is geared for anybody going for their private pilot rating, and we have a series of 22 lessons, I believes it is now, where we go through, step-by-step, covering, not only information that you need to know for the ground knowledge, also tips and things you need know for getting through your check ride.


The next membership up is commercial pilot. Yes. Included with the private section, or included with the commercial section, is the private section. You get everything that's in the private section, and then in the commercial section we gear it towards commercial specific things that people want to know. We just did a check ride with Gary Cleveland. Just passed his commercial, so we have a lot of new content in there. We put in some of the things we learn with a recent check ride, and then same thing with the certified flight instructor section. It includes the commercial pilot section, and also includes the private pilot section.


If people say, "Well which one should I get?" If you're just going for the private, and that's all you're ever going to go for, then the private would be sufficient for you. There are some people that, well I'm going to work on private now, but I want to do commercial later. I want to do CFI later. The best value, as you can see, just in the small difference in the prices, the best value for the money is to go ahead and go for the certified flight instructor section.


Then people ask, "Well can I upgrade later?" Absolutely. You can always upgrade later. If you decide you decided to go for say the private pilot membership, and then later you want to upgrade, I can always just set you up by contacting me, and whatever the cost difference would be, I can upgrade you to the next membership. Right now, in the summer of 2016, we're in there now, reorganizing all of the different memberships, adding new content, the members have been loving in. We've a lot of really, really, really good feedback. We're super proud of this thing.


If you would like to learn more about the specific membership, go to link below this video, click that link, and then you'll be able to choose between the three here. There's a video for each section, that explains the memberships in more detail. We are updating those videos often, because we're making so many changes, so this video is more of an information video to kind of get you started and give you an idea of what it's all about. You can get the more detailed information underneath each one of these sections.


We do have a no hassle, 30 day, money back guarantee. That's been in effect since day one. We first went live March 1, 2012. No hassle. No questions. The burden is on us to provide the value. If you're interested in the training, and you're on the fence, there's really no risk. It's 30 days. You just must email me prior to the last day of those 30 days, and let me know that the training just wasn't quite right for you. That's it. I don't bug you. I don't email you and ask you about your questions. It's very simple. No hassle. 100% refund.


I encourage to go below, click that join now button below, go check out the individual memberships. If you have an questions at all, you can email at, and currently, you can also send me a text at 574-453-7669. I am recording on a daily basis, so my ringer is off most of the day. That's just the way it works, but I'm more than happy to answer any of your questions before you join our membership. We get lots of people just asking different kinds of things. We try to cover most of these in the information videos, but there's always questions that come up.


Since you've made it this far into the video, I want to make a special offer to you. This is new for June 2016. If you'd like to get a 15% discount on our training, if you will send me a quick email message. Tell me where you first found our training, and just a brief description of where you're at in your training. Whether you're just starting out, or you have 20 hours, or you're 40 hours, just a quick description of where you're at in your training. I will send you a code back to your email, or through text, for the code for the 15% offer.


I appreciate you taking the time to check out this video. Hassles on us to deliver you the value. Go ahead. Click that button below, and we'll see you in the next video.



Congratulations Lorenzo

Hello Mr. Kenny, this is Lorenzo, I passed my commercial with out any problem, my oral part was absolutely great, and this thanks to you again, going forward for my CFI rating. Thank you.



Member Helicopter Check Ride Success

Hi Kenny,

we finaly got our helicopter licence. It took me allmost a year, my wife got it done a few months earlier than me.
We love our Ensrtom 480B...
Thank You, Your ground school videos were really helpful.
best regards,
Märten and Sunne
from Estonia

Hi Kenny,
Wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help! My examiner happened to be a Medevac pilot as well. During the oral I couldn't recall the answer to a certain question, so I told him I was struggling with 'retreating brain stall''. He LOVED it! From that point on the checkride was smooth sailing. Thanks again!






Hey Kenny! Well it's DONE!! Thank you for your courses! I travel a lot and I had a huge challenge assimilating the knowledge base necessary to pass my check-ride (I had already passed the written when I ordered your course).

Although it took me 2 years to get my license, the "Helicopter Ground School"
helped me immensely in the final preparation! There were many times in the process
that I questioned whether I could actually complete this.

Your training really helped along the way! I'm got certified in a Robinson R-44 Clipper II in Las Vegas, Nevada. And  you are looking more and more like Kiefer Sutherland every day! Love the new videos!! 

Kenny, just a note of thanks for all your help. April 10th I passed my commercial add-on. Your program helped me immensely. My instructor appreciated it most as he had little to do as far as ground instruction. All we had to do was jump in the chopper and fly because he knew I was doing my home work with you!  He'd just bring up a topic and I'd talk for five minutes until he was bored and he'd say lets go fly lol!  

Thanks for all your dedication and hard work!





Hi Kenny,

I wanted to tell you how much your training has helped me. I am farming and only had about a month in the dead part of winter to do my flight training so I decided to brave it out and do the 3 week course. I knew I would have to be well prepared and I have used your/our groundschool to get me prepped. Like my instructor told you I got signed of for my ground portion after a short review of all my work and I aced my written test as well as my oral part of my checkride yesterday. I can honestly say, all the way through it I was thinking to myself "thank you Kenny" everytime I got to and through something that I have had difficulties with in the past. I would definitely recommend your ground school to any one who plans on doing their training.

Regards Johan Van der Walt.

From Johans Instructor


Hey Kenny just wanted to give a big thanks for all your efforts. I recently had a student come to my school and wanted to do our 3 week private pilot coarse. I sat down with him the first day for ground school and was appalled by his knowledge. The fourth or fifth day he took his written exam and the total days we actually flew was only two weeks. His name is Johan Van Der Walt and he informed me that he did your online class. The only thing I had to cover with him was the flight Planning portion. Today he took his private pilot check ride and passed with flying colors and I wanted to thank you for your program because he was the first person I have ever signed off and I couldn't have felt more comfortable clicking "sign here" on his iacra form. 

Just wanted to inform you of his progress and once again thank you for your efforts.

Best regards,

Commercial Helicopter Pilot,CFI


Hello Mr. Kenny, I passed my check ride yesterday February 20th 2015, the examiner was impressed how I knew my stuff oral and practical they way I knew the process for the maneuvers, and when we landed he told me that my oral and flight was 1 of the best private check rides of his career, I told him that I been studying with you and I did 2 simulated check ride[I showed him the video of me here in the website], he was very happy, and that’s all thanks to you and my pilot Pablo, thanks for this online school, keep up the good work, I’m going forward for my commercial.


"I got my license at age 70? I aced the oral, had a little trouble on holding altitude precisely on  what he wanted but I guess it was good enough, DE said hover auto was smoothest he had ever had, but I did not tell him in a bell all you have to do is roll throttle off ,and wait , never would of been able to do this with out your school,  thanks"


Larry Hale


Took my private pilot rotorcraft/helicopter add on last weekend at KFNL and passed
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Scott Samberg
Gillette Wyoming


    Hi Kenny,

     Just passed my private check ride on Tuesday. Your website was a massive help as well as the book. My advice to any student pilot would definitely be to start reading the PTS from day 1 and really understand the subjects. My examiner also asked me about pretty much everything on a the sectional chart.

Thanks for all your hard work with Helicopter Online Ground school.

Nick Taylor
Los Angeles/Scotland



     Well, I passed my private pilot! I knew I had passed when I stuck my straight and 180 autorotations! Great feeling! Just wanted to let you know and thank you for all the advice and help.

Joshua ayers



     Just wanted to thank you for putting together your website and making all the videos.

I was (yes, past tense) a fixed-wing-to-helo transition student here in Texas for the last 6 months or so and passed my PTS test with the FAA a few weeks ago! On the first try . I watched as many of your videos as I could before the test (including the night before), and they -absolutely- helped me ace the ground and helped with the flight portion.

Victor Vescovo
Dallas Texas



     Wanted to let you know I had my PVT add on check flight yesterday. It went great. Thanks for all the work you do.

The oral set a great first impression right from the first question because I knew down into the weeds about inspections/maintenance requirements.

I'm interested in flying up and doing a training flight with you in the Enstrom. Would be fun for me to meet you; and also get to experience an Enstrom (they are manufactured about an hour from my hometown in the upper peninsula of Michigan). Let me know.

Fly Safe. Thanks again,
Bret Larson


Any questions about our membership?


Text Kenny at 574-453-7669






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Hi Kenny,

I just want to inform you that I got my CFI

on June 24, 2014. I felt like I was fully

prepared going out to Oregon, thanks to

you. You helped me out by getting me

into the mind set of teaching instead of

being the student. It helped a lot to have

another person studying for the CFI to

join us online. It also helped to have a

student Pilot going for his Private license

online with us, so I was able to ask him

questions, as if he was my student.

Access to your videos was extremely

useful while studying at night. If anyone

out there is considering buying your

videos I would highly recommend you

and your videos to anyone.

Thanks again so much,

Lee Krautheim 


Learn from the Best

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“Great learning tool, an after thirty years

flying, ground school is difficult to get to, so I

wanted you to know they are huge help,

getting ready for my add-on check

ride!" Joseph C




Accelerate your learning curve by

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Helpful study guide plus Captain Kenny

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Bonus –  Robinson Helicopter R-22 & R-44

modules on the Pilot's Operating


So, as you can probably see, by now, if

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Hi Kenny…I passed my Private Rotorcraft

Helicopter checkride last week. In

preparation for my oral exam I had

downloaded information from many sites.

Then I purchased your online helicopter

Training Program and that filled the

missing gap. It and you became my first

line of useful, current information. The

added benefit is you are always there for

your students and always pumping out

current info…if I had a specific issue I was

having trouble with you were available to

discuss it. I highly recommend your

program. Thanks


 "Really enjoyed your Modules Kenny, I

agree with the others who have thanked-you

recently, you are a great teacher and I think

your ground school is the best thing going

as far as Helicopter Training goes that is

available today!"




"I've recently passed my private check ride and I thought I would just drop an email and thank you for your program and how much it helped me. For the past 6 months or so I've watched your YouTube videos and your website videos and they helped me pass the ground portion with flying colors. Every aspect of your program from the flight videos to the PTS section to the Helicopter 3's helped me in a way I didn't realize until the exam. Throughout the exam when I was asked a question I just heard your terms and definitions. They were all followed with me having a slight chuckle in my head thinking of you saying, " I guarantee you the examiner is going to ask this"





             March 5, 2014

Hey Kenny I have been reading all your emails about check-ride success. Well I just passed my private pilot check-ride Monday! So thank you so much for your ground school! It really prepared me, and was so easy to follow.  Thanks so much! - Sarah



             March 3, 2014

My instructors and the school have been amazing with helping me in this fast paced program which still requires a lot of personal study time when at home, that’s where the online study and DVDs from Helicopter Online Ground school has really helped me prepare for my written and practical test .       Travis



Hi Kenny, just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional training over the past months. Your website was very helpful, and I appreciate the time you spent on the web classes. The information I gained was proven to be very useful. I felt very prepared to take my check ride this past weekend, and after 5 hrs of testing I can say that I have passed! Thank you very much. 





Helicopter Online Training for iPad & Android


New Feedback from our R-44

owner/CFI student member! 

"Thanks for giving us pilots a new way to stay current, motivated and a new hi tech way to study, it’s Great once again thanks for your dedication to continued education!"




Thank you! Passed my check ride without

a glitch. It helped listening to the lectures

on my daily commute. Thank you again. 

Mark Thomas FP-C Helicopter Pilot





Your training videos are very helpful as far as I am concerned. A helicopter is a helicopter whether in the US or Canada. Basic helicopter knowledge is the same. Some of the air regs are different, but that is to be expected. I already had my licence so I use your course as recurrent training, which I feel is extremely important, as we soon forget the details, especially as we get older. Very reasonable price, and continual rewrites/improvements/additions.

Best Regards


Helicopter Online Training for iPad & Android

Updated Edition – Enhanced and Streamlined – Incredible Value


“Congratulations Captain Keller…I have been studying the first three modules of the Online Ground School and they are VERY, VERY GOOD!”  

Parmenides Castillo, Mexico City






Helicopter Online Training for iPad & Android


Every day, through the ‘Helicopter Training  Online Ground School’  Helicopter pilots and potential pilots like you are growing in their knowledge, confidence, ability and skill.  


“Great learning tool, an after thirty years flying, ground school is difficult to get to, so I wanted you to know they are huge help, getting ready for my add-on check ride!" Joseph C


Accelerate your learning curve by discovering the secrets and wisdom of those who've already been there. They’ve taken the long way around so now you don’t have to.  By being informed about the common pitfalls and mistakes students make on their check ride test, you can avoid tripping yourself up, and possibly failing.


The result? Save yourself precious time, energy, resources and money.

And there are stacks of other benefits too including…

Fits into your schedule with clear, user-friendly modules around 20 minutes long so you can study when it suits you.


Amazing Value – hundreds of hours of time and effort have gone into the planning, development and reformatting of this Helicopter Training – you benefit from our late nights and passion!

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Helpful study guide plus Captain Kenny Keller's notebook download.

Bonus –  Robinson Helicopter R-22 & R-44 modules on the Pilot's Operating Handbook.
So, as you can probably see, by now, if you're a serious about passing your helicopter check ride, this Helicopter Online Training is a steal even at 10 times its cost.

Helicopter Online Training for iPad & Android

Testimonial about our new Helicopter Training Online Ground School’ virtual classroom (launched June 2013)…

‘oooh it’s helicopter training heaven!! Mrs Hazel Allington, UK


“I got the MP3 CD’s you sent and have been listening to them on my way to helicopter training. I KNOW that this whole ground school package will be constantly improving and growing just as it already has. You’ve been a non-stop dynamo on this project. There are plenty of good pilots around, but there is NOT ONE on planet Earth that is as passionate about creating a place for future heli-wannabe’s than you. Keep at it… My instructor has shared many of his stories, and it turns out that he was such a failure at learning to fly a heli that he actually thought he wouldn’t be able to do it. Now he’s a 1000+ hour guy and I call him the Helicopter Whisperer. That to say sharing your failures like you do and knowing that you can persevere through them is very encouraging to me.  Keep those rotors turning!" David Wilkoski, Centerbug Ohio

Helicopter Online Training for iPad & Android

Hello, I'm Kenny Keller the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School and author of the Amazon bestseller, Helicopter Check-Ride. Are you struggling with everything there is to know to get though the helicopter rating? Trust me, I feel your pain. I failed my first check-ride way back in the late 90s and man, that hurt. I didn't go back for 6 months after failing my check-ride. When I went to go after it again, I failed the oral the first time. When I went to go back, I sat down and starting putting all my notes together in one place and I created my own study notebook. I ended up getting through my private the second time around, after studying through my notebook and putting it all together. Got into the helicopter world as a CFI, started working, started teaching out of my book. Later in my career, about 5 years ago, I was working as a full-time EMS pilot and we had a new pilot come into the base where I was working.

                        I was working full-time as an EMS pilot and I was also operating a helicopter company on the side, heading my own helicopter. I was struggling along as a one-man operation, one helicopter and trying to maintain between that and my full-time job. This young pilot comes in and turns out he was an internet marketer. We start talking about marketing and he said, "You know, you should be online with your helicopter company, blogging and doing videos," so that's what I did. I kind of got hooked on the videos and started blogging and promoting my helicopter company. Pretty soon he says, "You know, you should just start an online ground school," because, same as me, he struggled through the years to get his ratings and understood the problem with studying. I started a online ground school, launched it March 1, 2012 and I based it on my original notebook and built this original 10 Modules of training. It was just kind of random check-ride preparation.

                        It was a little slow getting started but I had people join and started helping them out. Along the way, people would say, "Well you know, your Modules 1-10 are pretty cool but I want something more structured." We then built what we call the practical test standards. It's basically the same information as the Modules 1-10 but we took and aligned all that information and set it up with the practical test standards. You go through the practical test standards step by step to learn the information that you have to know. Since we released that about a year and a half ago, we've had record success. People are still using our original Modules 1-10. Some people like that random check-ride preparation. Especially if say they are VFR fixed wing guy or girl, working on an add-on rating. They kind of like how I'm just throwing random things at them, making sure that they know what they need to know for the check-ride. Other people like the practical test standards. They like that step by step 10 section of the PTS laid out, one after another.

                        We have lots of testimonials from our members. Members from all over there world that have taken our training and had huge success with it. If you haven't seen any of that, you can take our test drive and read through our member testimonials. They're all real. They're not solicited by me. Our members, when they get through their check-rides, they're just so excited they want to share with me their experience and tell me how they breezed through the check-rides. Some of these people have good instructors but they just use my training as supplemental help. Other people didn't have hardly any training at all and basically said, "If it wasn't for you, I would have never got through the rating." Those testimonials are real and if you want to take a look at them, you can take our test drive down below this video. Click the test drive or test flight, the 24-hour test flight link and you can go in and take a look at our training and see if it's something that you're interested in.

                        We've had so much success and I'm really excited. I next want to tell you about the several memberships that we have. We have the online membership that includes all the training we have, the original Modules 1-10, the practical test standards. We have 2 videos on private pilot versus commercial pilot where I talk about the differences between the 2 check-rides. They're similar in some ways but then there's some distinct differences. We also have a certified flight instructor section we've been working on as well. Again, you can always go in and take the test drive, take a look around and see if it's right for you. See if it's something you're interested in. If you want to then pursue our membership, you can do that. If it's not something you're looking for, we part as friends, no harm no foul. We have people that take the test drive and I've had people come back 2 years, 2 months later and join the membership. They come back a week later, a month later, a year later.

                        I really like the test drive because it gives you a chance to go in, look around, see our training firsthand and make an informed decision. We now have the practical test standards on DVD. I originally built this training just to be online and I had a young gentleman who called me up one day and said, "Hey, you know my internet access isn't so good. Could I get your training on DVD?" That's why I created the DVDs. There's still people out there that want a DVD for those reasons like when they're going to be somewhere and they're going to have a laptop but they don't have internet access, they're in some remote place or on a plane or whatever the case is. That why we created the DVDs and a lot of people really like the DVD as well. What we currently have on the DVD is we have the practical test standards on DVD. All 10 sections of the practical test standards are on 8 separate DVDs.

                        If you're interested in our membership, you can go down below this video and we have a 3-payment option where you can make the first payment to get started and then 2 more payments in 30 days and another 30 days after that. You can go with the online membership that's there and pay the cost and just have access to our site, to the Helicopter Online Ground School site. Then we have a couple other memberships. We have the online with DVD. We have the online with my two books. We have Helicopter Check-Ride that is an Amazon bestseller and this thing is really cool. I'm really proud of it. I released it last fall. Again, I made the book as something to give people that are interested in learning to fly some idea of what it's about. Also, put a lot of things in here for current pilots that want to refresh their memory on different things. I have information on check-rides. Turns out, I've been inspired by the people that read my book. In the first chapter, I just kind of talk about how I got started and the struggles along the way.

                        A lot of people really identify with that and I've had incredible feedback with that. There's the option of that book along with my notebook. We now have several versions. I originally trained in the R22 so this has some R22-specific information in it, which we put kind of all into one chapter. We're working on Robinson version and then we also have an Astrum version so you can get our online package, you can get my DVDs, DVDs and books or just the online and the books. If you're ready to get started, you can go down below, click the appropriate link. We have a 30-day money back guarantee and we've had that in place the whole 3 and a half years we've been online. We have very few refunds. The way I feel about it is, I need to have that in place so that you can have the confidence to try out our training.

                        If you decide that it's something that's not right for you, you must contact me within 30 days, prior to the 30 days being up to get your refund. The refunds we've had, they're no hassle. Money back, no-hassle guarantee. You just email me and say, "Hey, man. Thank you but the training just wasn't for me." I refund your money, there's no hassle. I don't ask you why, I don't hound you with questions and the burden is on me to provide you with the value. I'm that proud of my training and again, that's why I'm willing to take the risk that I'm going to be able to help you and it's going to be able to help you learn the knowledge and get through the check-ride preparation you need to get through to have the confidence to take that test. If you want to get started today, you can go down and click the appropriate link below. Again, you can take the test drive as well. Go in, take a look at our training and then I also have my email down below.

                        You can email me with your questions. I also have my phone number down there. You can text me. Text is best because I'm recording on a daily basis and when I'm recording, my ringer is off and I do not answer the phone. Text is best and/or email that's down below. Take the test drive, click the appropriate link and if you have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. I can always work up a special package. For example, I had a gentleman who bought my book, Helicopter Check-ride on eBay and then a week after he bought the book and got it and read it and couldn't put it down, he bought my full package. He emailed me and said, "Kenny, I've already got your check-ride book. Can I substitute your check-ride book for a pilot log book?" I said, "Sure, why not?" Approximately the same value and for that gentleman, that's what I did. He didn't want 2 copies of the book. He needed a log book so I substituted the log book.

                        I can always take special requests too in those situations. Go down to the appropriate link below, click the membership button, send me a message, ask me a question, take our test drive. If you do decide to join our membership and you're a past test drive customer, you can log in with your old email. The system won't send you a new email. You can go back and log in with your old email. If for some reason you've deleted it or you can't find it, just send me a quick message and as soon as I get it, I'll go in and reset your account and send you a new login. Most of the time, the system works really well. If you decide to join our membership, once you click the buy now button and you fill out your form of payment, you should get immediate access to the site. Give it about 10 or 15 minutes. If the email doesn't arrive, check your spam filter. If you still don't find your login, again send me a message, let me know that you didn't receive the login and I will get to it as soon as possible.

            Any questions, let me know. Ready to joining the membership, go down below, click the appropriate button and we'll see you on the inside of our members' area.